Nestled in the Cathedral Valley, the tiny township of Taggerty is a paradise for lovers of nature. Gaze at the skyline dominated by the distinctive Cathedral Ranges.  The Cathedral Range State Park offers an easy stroll through the river valley, the challenge of a steep climb up to, and along, the ridge or simply the tranquillity of some time out beside the Little River. Throw a line in where the cool waters of the Acheron and Goulburn Rivers meet. You might even catch a trout or two to enjoy.


  • Cathedral State Park – For those keen bushwalkers The Cathedral Ranges offer magnificent views across the whole of Taggerty and beyond, walks vary from Grade 2 to Grade 5:


                        The Friends Nature Trail – 2km, 1 hour circuit                                                 Little River Track – 2.7km, 45 minutes one way

                        Neds Gully Track – 2.2km, 1 hour one way                                                         Neds Peak Track – 250m, 15 minutes one way 

                        Cathedral Peak Track – 650m, 45 minutes one way                                         Little Cathedral Track – 1.2km, 1 hour one way  

                        Ridge Track – 3.8km, 2 hours one way                                                                Saint Bernards Track – 1.5km, 45 minutes one way

                       Jawbone Creek Track – 1.4km, 1 hour one way                                                   North Jawbone Track – 700m, 20 minutes one way

                        South Jawbone Track – 300m, 15 minutes one way                                         Razorback Track – 2.4km, 2 hours one way 

                        Wells Cave Track – 550m, 45 minutes one way                                                 Canyon Track – 650m, 45 minutes one way

                        Messmate Track – 4.4km, 1.5 hours one way                                                     Cathedral Range Northern Circuit – 12.5km, 6 hours

                        Cathedral Range Southern Circuit – 10.5km, 5 hours 


  • Little River Wines – 20 Sharrock Court, Taggerty – Visitors welcome by appointment – Producers of premium sparking and table wines.

​Lake Eildon


Approximately 25 minutes from Taggerty


  • The Eildon Dam or Eildon Weir - Is a rock and earth-fill embankment dam with a controlled spillway across the Goulburn River.


  • Eildon Pondage – A very easy circuit walk of approximately 4klms. Drop in a fishing line or feed the ducks.


  • Sugarloaf Road – Take a drive to the Intake Tower and picnic area, from here you will catch a glimpse of beautiful Lake Eildon. Just a couple of hundred metres up the road from here is Eildon Spillway Lookout, the lookout provides an amazing view of the Eildon township and beyond.


  • Skyline Road - Drive to Skyline Lookout which is one of the highest viewing points for Lake Eildon, the views on the way up are pretty good too. Continue on Skyline Road to UT Creek Road which will bring you back into the township of Alexandra.


  • Lakeview Boat Hire @ Lake Eildon – Phone 0488 051 721 - Luxury Pontoon Boats and Fishing Pontoon Boats are available for hire, no license is required. Grab a boat frolic or fish and see for yourself just how BIG Lake Eildon really is.


  • Stockman’s Reward Horse Riding – 578 Goulburn Valley Highway, Thornton Ph: 5774 2322 – Offer’s riding for groups, one and two hour rides and pony rides for tiny tots.


  • Walking Tracks surround Lake Eildon, from easy to challenging:


       Candlebark (2km) and Perfect Cure Creek (1.5km) 1 hour each                                     Coller Bay Walking and Cycling Track – 3.5km, 45mins one way

       Wallaby Bay Walk Track Cook Point – 2.5km, 40 mins one way                                    School Point – 7km, 2 hrs one way

       Track to Blowhard Summit – 1km, 30 minutes one way                                                  Devil River Track to Skyline Road – 2.8km, 1hr one way

Cook Point and School Points via Keg Spur and High Camp Cook Point – 5km, 1.5 hours one way School Point – 4.6km, 2 hours one way

Blowhard Spur Track Perfect Cure Creek car park to High Camp – 1.5km, 30 minutes one way Blowhard Summit – 3km, 1hr one way Merlo’s Lookout

​Estate Spur Track Point Mibus or Lakeside – 3 km, 1 hour one way Bedrock Creek – 2.2 km, 45 minutes one way


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